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are alchemists of another ilk. As a master baker and pastry chef and cookbook author, I've dealt with flour and flowers for a long time. To me, both are just starting points to seduce the senses and bring solace to the soul. What starts in the kitchen can end in the boudoir or infuse a home with well-being. Join me on a fragrant path; become inspired by scent. Learn, dream, inhale and awaken your sleeping senses. If it has anything to do with fragrance - world class perfumes, essential oils and earthy organics, potions, tonics and elixirs, you'll find it here.

July 29, 2012

Scent Mate (c) from www.GoldCanyon.Com

or the Scent Pod Warmer, also from www.GoldCanyon.com

Sometimes you need a little scented breeze to pick you up. Candles make you uneasy (I put a timer on when I light candles so I remember to blow them out) so these two products from www.GoldCanyon.com are just the thing and the best in their category.

The Scent Mate
is a wee plastic dome that contains soaked cotton pads, infused with your favourite scent, be it a fragrance oil or essential oil you love. It is so compact, it is perfect for home, home office or your car. It is virtually noise-free and 2 AA batteries ensure it wafts scent all the time unless you just click the button off. It's easy to use and unobtrusive - and you can change the scent as you change your mood. You also can use scents you prefer versus similar units that are largely chemical-scents that also simply run out (and the refills are expensive)

The Scent Pod Warmer is a decorative ceramic, also from www.GoldCanyon.com is another brilliant design. Firstly, it's pretty as a picture, it's small and it has this amazingly thoughtful timer on it so you can click on an hour, 4 or 8 hours and be assured it will turn itself off. No worries. You just pop a Gold Canyon (or your favourite) wax tart, wax melt or even a few drops of fragrance oil (atop the melting wax). Similar products don't have the automatic timer and this, aside from great styling, makes all the difference!