October 23, 2013

Si, by Giorgio Armani
Elegance, Modernity and Femininity in One Bouquet

Top Notes
: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Cassis

Middle or Heart Notes: Rose de Mai Absolute, Neroli Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Freesia, Water Jasmine

Base Notes: Patchouli Oil, Blond Woods, Amber, Orcanox, Vanilla Absolute

Miscellaneous Notes
: blond woods, floral, citrus, oakmoss, brown sugar, mint and amber

Let me start defining or otherwise describing Giorgio Arman’s Si by saying it is a fruity floral (cassis and rose makes the case) or gourmand (the warmth of Vanilla Absolute and a touch of brown sugar).  Then let me back up and suggest it’s also a modern chypre (which means somewhere in the mix there’s wood, floral, citrus, oakmoss, mint and amber or a classic ‘chypre accord’) or romantic, musky ‘wood’. This by itself, is an impressive pedigree and in the end, it makes for a scent that is romantic, soft, sweet but subtly complex, memorable and long-lasting (for a subtle scent). There’s definite holding power to this gentle (slightly powdery) bouquet that would suit any age and any occasion (except maybe, the board room – if those still exist). A woman who wears Si is the woman who means business and will get things done, her way but with a charming persistence that apolitically correct could be called….seduction.

Si suggests an elegant woman in a three-piece suit but a suit made of the softest wool and cashmere so there’s no hard edges and no telling where one seams fuses into another – such is the mastery of the nose behind Si, Christine Nagel. There’s also a curious balance of a scent that is feminine and slightly mysterious along with a quiet animalistic or jungle sensibility which is probably whatever Jungle Essence (listed in the PR sheets) is and the essential oils combined with fragrance oils.

 If you’re drawn to florals, a touch of fruit, like vanilla but not intensely a one-note vanilla, and appreciate a slight nod to woody warmth, this perfume is for you.

Si works as a daily scent or evening-out scent and is perfect for end of summer, or when fall segues into winter or for a late spring. This is to say, it’s a signature scent for your wardrobe and/or a perfume than handles transitions well –whether you are between seasons, men, or times in your life.

If I had to choose one word for Si, it would be: grace. It has grace and it is graceful – almost balletic and yet like the best of dancers, strong-cored with a certain intent that stays in the room, long after the dance is done. 
wood, floral, citrus, oakmoss and amber
wood, floral, citrus, oakmoss and amber

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