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are alchemists of another ilk. As a master baker and pastry chef and cookbook author, I've dealt with flour and flowers for a long time. To me, both are just starting points to seduce the senses and bring solace to the soul. What starts in the kitchen can end in the boudoir or infuse a home with well-being. Join me on a fragrant path; become inspired by scent. Learn, dream, inhale and awaken your sleeping senses. If it has anything to do with fragrance - world class perfumes, essential oils and earthy organics, potions, tonics and elixirs, you'll find it here.

August 15, 2012

Rock Me Summer of Love 2010

Top Notes:
Bergamot Blue Water Hyssop
Heart Notes: Geranium, Fressia
Bottom Note: Musky Rose Accord, Sandalwood

You would expect something called Summer of Love to be light and airy or light and watery and you’d be right – although in this case, Summer of Love is definitely ethereal but in a watery way.

In one spray, (literally and figuratively speaking) you get a sense of sun, sand, lapping lake water (versus sea, surf and beach water), among the florals going on here. Like Fairy Dance/Secret Wish, this fragrance is more of a daytime, early evening scent. It doesn’t linger and can be reapplied. It’s not a signature scent nor a sophisticated one but it’s dewy and light and a great one to return to from summer to summer.

Rock Me! 2012 by Anna Sui

Top Notes:
Williams Pear, Green Orange, Peach Skin

Heart Notes:

Honeysuckle, Jasmine Nat, Waterlily


Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla

Strum a fragrance? Why not? It’s exactly what the guitar-shaped flacon inspires you to do.

Rock Me is not shrinking violet – this is a black-bodice sort of perfume (as the packaging suggests). It’s fruity and floral but has some watery, airy notes, and is anchored by woods, amber and the warmth of homey vanilla. It is an energetic affair – uplifting, fresh  and un-shy.

Fairy Dance Trips Light Fantastically

Fairy Dance by Secret Wish 2012

Top Notes: Tangerine, Mango, Pink Pepper
Heart Note: fresh Rose, Peony, Bamboo
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla

Fairy Dance has fruity things, somewhat tropically fruity things, dancing around, atop a base of light sandalwood, the green/lime notes of Vetiver and bound in the warmth of Vanilla. Somehow there is a tinge of melon going on (although there isn’t any melon to be found). It is a light, sweet and perfect summer, daytime fragrance for those 16 to 60. It’s one of those “I feel pretty’ fragrances.