May 26, 2017

Top Notes
: Lavender, Aldehydes,  Hyacinth, Lily
Middle Notes: Orris, Rose, Ylang, Vioelt

Base Notes:  Solar Accord, S
andalwood,  Moss, Ambrette
What we now call a vintage perfume is for many of us (circa baby boomers) the scent of our youth or the ascent of our young adulthood. That fragrance is encapsulated in the relaunch of iconic Babe perfume.

Originally launched in 1977 by Faberge, Babe
 was intended to capture strength in femininity, a certain assertion, happy boldness, sportiness and a sexy, can-do persona. Babe was all about beauty, the new ‘career’ woman, active and engaged but always up for romance. Actress Margaux Hemmingway was one spokeswoman and later on, aerobic guru Kathy Smith did the honors. Babe was discontinued in 1992 but happily relaunched in 2015. The expert perfumers at renown Givaudan were faithful to the original creation and Babe, circa 2015, is as beautiful as it ever was.
A quote from the company behind Babe,

After lengthy research we were fortunate enough to find the original ingredients from the public records and from collectors of the original perfume. This gave us the assurance that we could recreate the original Babe perfume. We employed the renowned French perfumer, Givaudan to develop the perfume, working with this information in their highly specialised laboratories to create numerous samples for the fans to test and eventually approve.
(Babe’s composition purports to have 118 different essences, aside from the main ones indicated above).

Babe is a startling perfume at first whiff, almost outrageous - especially if you’re just beginning to exit the world of sweet gourmands (Flower Bomb, La Vie Est Belle, Angel) or were brought up on light white florals. But then it settles in and suddenly you are in an oddly warm and cuddly forest of greens, moss, florals and an anchoring of sandalwood and sweetness of honey. The silage and longevity are excellent.

I think Babe is sexy for 2017 as it was in 1977 but this time, the sexiness is not a fa├žade but the perfume and the woman that wear it are not just a veneer or Madison Avenue ad campaign but an ‘earned’ earthy, contemporary fragrance that is age-proof. (Plus you don’t have to be an 80’s career woman to wear it; start-up gals and millennials and boomers wanting a fragrant trip down memory lane will adore this revival.

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