September 20, 2017

Smiley Daisy

There are so many aromatherapy diffusers, how do you choose a good one – or a great one? Reviews point to outstanding products and that is where Smiley Daisy emerged, when I researched aromatherapy diffusers.

First, a diffuser such as the Hibiscus Diffuser from Smiley Daisy does two things (well three, if you can pleasant fragrance a benefit). It diffuses therapteutic essential oils in same, diffused amounts and it gently wafts some pleasant humidity into the air – especially helpful during the dry, winter months.

The Hibiscus Diffuser is whisper-quiet, as it’s billed, and comes with 7-colour changing LED lamps. It’s pleasant oval shape of natural wood is am ambient addition to whatever your décor.

But the combination of lights, humidity, and fragrance ensures you get all the good of a few therapies including aromatherapy, aqua therapy and lights therapy. But it’s also worry free as it turns itself off automatically once it extends beyond it’s 6 hour usage. There are two mist settings of continuous mist or a 2-hour auto-shut off which is really perfect for later in the evening before you turn in. It easily fills a 200 square foot room with fragrance, using an AC 100-240 V outlet. Great in the bedroom but perfect for the den or home office or a small waiting room. If you have any issues whatsoever, there’s the comfort of the 180 day warranty and the company, overall, is exceptionally responsive. A great pick among the many options – with other models available.

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