March 7, 2022

Sugarful, Floral Gourmand

Top Notes: Tangerine, wild strawberry

Middle Notes :
Pink Peony, cotton candy

Base Notes:
Musk, sandalwood

Some fragrances are sophisticated; some are sexy and some are playful or flirtatious. Sugarful by Michel Germain, the Canadian perfumer behind the iconic Sexual scents is in a league of its own. One spray is all it takes to feel happy – seriously – it is bursting with a champagne-like radiance that immediately makes you feel spring-like, even for a scent launched in winter. The decanter itself should win an award; it is a mini, vintage sugar jar, the type you see in diners  but tinted light pink. It’s 'sugar' to become a collector perfume bottle. 

The gift set, perfect for the holiday season,  also comes with a 8 mL roller-ball bonus gift of perfume you can tote in your purse or keep in your work desk drawer.

Overall this scent is for those who love sugar, vanilla and the usual gourmand notes. But the sweetness in Sugarful isn’t sweet in a cloying way. It is a fruity, effervescent cocktail that is addictive. You almost want to devour the scent. It literally sparkles on first spray and then settles into a strawberry-tinged cotton candy that will warm the frostiest heart. Stock up – the price is beyond reasonable and the scent is addictive.

This scent is available at most pharmacies, on Amazon and of course, via Michel Germain.

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